Foundry Suppliers from Estonia

Modern Materials and Manufacturing Conference - MMM 2023, May 2-4, 2023, Tallinn

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BLRT GRUPP AS  -  grey and ductile cast iron, carbon & manganese steel castings, copper and aluminum alloys castings, sand molding, gravity-die casting, pressure-die casting, centrifugal casting.
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NORDCAST OU  -  aluminum and bronze castings, furan sand molding and gravity die casting technology, the capacity is over 400 t yearly.

TICRONIK  -  zinc, lead and aluminum casts made by gravity die-casting and sand molding, production of bronze and brass ingots, bronze cast hubs and rods, large diameter bronze rings and bushings, zinc anode protectors.

TELGER OU  -  aluminum alloys pressure die casting with capacity over than 15 t yearly, oarlocks and oarlock sockets for different kinds of boats, canoes and kayaks.

TMT VALU OU  -  a company of TMT Group, specialized in manufacturing of carbon steel, low and high grade alloys and stainless steel castings for air-cooled heat exchangers, industrial machinery and equipment, energy, transportation, mining, forest machines, the weight of castings is from 5 up to 2500 kg, sand molding.

VALUMEHAANIKA AS  -  cast iron antique & artistic casting, cast iron hatches, grills, stove plate casting - doors, bedpans, fireplace grids, grates, cooker plates, boil plates, stovepipes, christmas tree legs.
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VOLTA AS  -  production of three-phase asynchronous electric motors, own foundry for aluminum alloys pressure die casting - rotors for AC electric motors, connection boxes, casings and other details.

VASAR OU  -  zink and aluminum alloys pressure die-casting, electroplating of metals, polishing operations, door handles and locks, window shutters, components for the furniture industry.

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