Felis Produkti d.o.o., Croatia, foundry for carbon steel castings and high alloyed steel castings, www.felis.hr FELIS PRODUKTI D.O.O.  -  CROATIA

Felis foundry is a leading supplier of steel castings in Croatia with many years of production experience. The production program comprises the manufacture of:
  • carbon steel castings for machine-building;
  • castings for armatures in GSC25, WCB, WCC, LCB and LCC qualities;
  • castings highly resistant to wear for the requirements of the construction industry in Mn12;
  • castings for the cement industry;
  • castings for shipbuilding;
  • high alloyed steel castings resistant to agressive media, corrosion and high temperatures.
Existance of facilities such as own pattern shop, melting furnaces (2000 and 6000 kg), hand and machine moulding, heat treatment equipment, allows the foundry to offer full service in supplying of castings.

The enterprise works according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9002 Standard with reference to HRN EN ISO 9002.



19, Bozidara Adzije str., 44000 Sisak, CROATIA
tel.: (++385 44) 525200,  fax: (++385 44) 525201
e-mail:   felis@felis.hr
website: www.felis.hr