Gomel Foundry Plant Tsentrolit - Belarus, grey and ductile cast iron, bronze and brass castings GOMEL FOUNDRY PLANT TSENTROLIT JSC  -  BELARUS

Gomel Foundry Plant "Tsentrolit" is a renown producer of grey and ductile iron castings, castings from bronze and brass, and big range of consumer goods.

The foundry is equipped by the progressive machinery, automatic lines and technology for the manufacturing of high quality products for oil and gas industry, electric energy, telecommunication, metallurgy, machine-building and civil building - beds, cases, carriages, tables, wheels, pulleys, rolls, counterbalances, braking drums, hydraulic booster bodies, housings, turbine bodies, bearing bodies, matrixes, under stamp plates, tubings, ingot moulds, pallets, crucibles, manhole covers and grates, fireplace grates, furnaces for a cottages, park benches, street lamps, fence elements, flower-bed & refuse bins, art casting.

The Company exports the casting production to Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, France and Germany.



240, Barykin Str., Gomel 246647, BELARUS
tel.: (++375 232) 460531,  fax: (++375 232) 460545
e-mail:   info@glz-centrolit.by
website: www.glz-centrolit.by