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EICHENBERGER AG, SWITZERLAND  -  precious metal foundry, gold, platinum, silver, bronze, brass, copper-beryllium jewelry and art items, rubber moulds, centrifugal casting.

ETABLISSEMENT BANCEL JEAN-MARC - FONDERIE AU SABLE, FRANCE  -  religious articles, commemorative medals, medals for sporting events, honorary medals, reproductions, decorations, non-ferrous metal parts for industrial sector.

ESTANHOS EL REI (VITORINO PEREIRA MORAIS LDA.), PORTUGAL  -  manufacturer and supplier of the pewter articles-copies off real 18th century silver pieces such as milk bottles, coffee bottles, salves etc, green sand hand moulding and centrifugal casting in rubber moulds.

ELLIOT GANTZ & CO., INC., USA  -  art bronze casting foundry, sculptures, plaques, funerary art.

EBBERS GROUP INDUSTRIES B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  supplier of a full range of cast iron, steel, bronze and aluminium alloys castings, the Group comprises: Alucast Neede B.V. - green-sand moulding and gravity die casting non-ferrous foundry, Brons Gieterij de Needse Berg B.V. - all types of bronze, aluminium bronze and brass cast industrial products - pump casings, valve casings, adjustable chairs, art works and sculptures, machine moulding (clay-bound moulding sand), hand moulding (furan sand, water-glass sand), lost-wax casting, Gieterij Neede B.V. - grey and ductile iron cast parts, automatic Kunkel-Wagner moulding line for castings weighting from 0.1 up to 110 kg, manual processing for castings up to 3000 kg, Mercator Gieterij Neede B.V. - cast iron and cast steel products.

ELECTRO MOLD & CASTINGS, USA  -  aluminum, bronze and brass castings, sand casting, permanent molds, commercial / industrial, sporting goods, memorial, artistic and decorative applications.

EKOPOL-OPOLSKI SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  ornamental cast iron parts.

EXAMETAL S.A., SPAIN  -  small and medium sized works of art using the lost wax process, centrifugal casting, bronze, zamak and lead art castings, big sculptures and services for sculptors, small sculptures, trophies, medallions, gifts, imitation jewellery, religious artifacts, advertising and corporate designs.

EAGLE SIGN & DESIGN, INC., USA  -  cast bronze, aluminum and brass products.

ERNST STRASSACKER GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  bronze art foundry, religious, sacred and churchyard statues and ornamental works.

FEHER '96 FEMONTO KFT., HUNGARY  -  aluminium alloys and bronze casting, industrial castings - band saw wheels, band buffer drums, belt discs, channel trunks, manhole covers and grates, electricity cupboards, water faucet cupboards, impellers, art and ornamental castings.

FONDERIE ADOBATI, FRANCE  -  lost-wax art foundry, bronze sculptures, busts, war memorials, trophies, fountains.

FONDERIA ARTISTICA BOCCACCI S.n.c., ITALY  -  specialized in creation of unique bronze objects in great dimensions - 3 m statues up to 600 kg, and in the production of multiple copies in small quantities.

FUNDERIJA ARTISTIKA CHETCUTI, MALTA  -  the only artistic bronze foundry extant within the Maltese Islands and it excels in all aspects of the bronze casting process - from mould-making and lost wax casting to patination, famous monuments, statues, sculptural groups and bronze replicas for known squares, gardens and churches or cathedrals, consultation service on repair-works, restoration of bronze sculptures, advice on installation and materials, organizing workshops and master classes.

FENGTAI ALLOY CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  cast iron ornamental parts.

FUNDICION ARTISTICA EN BRONCE - J.GONZALES, SPAIN  -  bronze foundry for sculptures, statues, art castings.

FONERIA ARTISTICA FUNDESTI, SPAIN  -  lost wax casting for the production of bronze artistic pieces, sculptures, monuments, busts, plaques and other public works, awards and trophies, corporate gifts, metal casting services for young sculptors beginners.

FONDERIA ARTISTICA LEOPOLDO CATTANEO, ITALY  -  bronze, brass or silver lost wax casting, statues, sculptures, jewellery, medals, chandeliers, lamps, reproductions of handles, ornamental mouldings, knobs for furniture and decorations, production of models of statues, busts and reliefs on request.

FONDERIA ARTISTICA MARIANI S.r.l., ITALY  -  artisan production of statues in bronze, brass, silver, nickel-silver and aluminium, lost wax processing method.

FONDERIE ANDRE NEESER S.A., SWITZERLAND  -  non-ferrous metal casting, green and self-hardening sand moulding, v-process, gravity die casting, aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, bronze, brass, lead, and tin, cast parts for mechanical engineering, heat engine, electric motor manufacturers, nuclear engineering, aluminium street signs and number plates, grills, barbecues, turnspits with counterweight for fireplaces, various bronze / tin art castings, chandeliers, cauldrons, keys, corkscrews, hand bells, statues.

FUNDICION ARTISTICA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  melting, casting and bronze finish art products, monumental sculptures, statues, reliefs, memorial tablets, busts, funeral items.

FLASSH BRONSGIETERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art bronze foundry, lost-wax technology.

FUNDICION BUCHHASS, ARGENTINA  -  art foundry, monuments, sculptures, reliefs, restorations, church items, trophies and business gifts.

FONDERIE BARTHELEMY ART, FRANCE  -  art foundry, lost wax casting, reproduction of sculptures, assembly of special monumental castings, funerary articles - cast bronze plates, letters, vases, rings, crosses and other religious symbols, animal figures.

FRANKLIN BRONZE & ALLOY COMPANY, INC., USA  -  bronze lost wax castings for artists.

FREKO - BRATYA KOSTOVI LTD., BULGARIA  -  investment casting, gravity die casting, stainless steel, bronze and brass castings, classic and retro floor drains, furniture hardware, handles, hangers, fireplace accessories, horn oarlocks, handicrafts, art castings.

FONDERIE d'ART BLANCHET-LANDOWSKI, FRANCE  -  art foundry, bronze sculptures, ornamental & antique parts restoration.

FONDERIE d'ART LYON, FRANCE  -  copper, bronze, brass, silver and gold jewelry, coins, trophies, art works, original series, unique pieces.

FONDERIE DE BRONZE LAURAGAISE, FRANCE  -  bronze art foundry, original artwork, reproduction of works of artists, restoration of damaged or broken bronze sculptures.

FONDERIE DE COUBERTIN, FRANCE  -  art foundry for artists sculptors - young or experienced, lost wax process and sand moulding, restoration of monuments.

FUNDIDORES DE MONTEMOR, PORTUGAL  -  production and restoration of sculptures, statues, reliefs and monuments in bronze.

FUNDIALEACIONES en ECUADOR, ECUADOR  -  bronze sculptures, busts, manhole covers and grates, fitness equipment, counterweights.

FUNDICION ESFINGE S.L., SPAIN  -  all type of jobs related with sculpture in a great array of materials (bronze, brass, silver, aluminium), dominating several scales, from monumental to things as precise as jewelry.

FUNDICIONES ESPITIA Y CIA. LTDA., COLOMBIA  -  cast iron, aluminium and bronze foundry, bell casting.
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FELLOWSHIP FOUNDRY, USA  -  art foundry, small pewter sculptures, pewter pendants, cups, switchplates, wedding accessories, balls and stands, chess sets, hanging pieces.

FIELDINGS FOUNDRY, AUSTRALIA  -  production of aluminium, brass and bronze industrial and art castings.

FONDERIE FODOR, FRANCE  -  bronze and brass art foundry, production of contemporary furniture, decoration, decorative hardware and monumental sculptures, green sand or chemically bonded sand moulding, lost wax process.

FUNDICION FONTANA, ARGENTINA  -  a family foundry, art bronze casting using a special fine sand mixture, letter openers, ornaments, jewel plates, animal sculptures, busts, reliefs, bells, chandeliers, shields, arms and swords, religious figurines, awards and prizes.

FUNDERE - FOUNDRY AND STUDIOS, AUSTRALIA  -  art bronze casting and a complete sculpture service from concept / design to production and installation.

FAMAB - FONDERIE D'ART & D'INDUSTRIE S.A., MOROCCO  -  manufacturer of industrial parts in bronze, brass and aluminium alloys for shipbuilding, mining and steel industry, art castings for urban and indoor furniture, chemical bonded sand hand-moulding.

FONDERIE GILLES PETIT S.A., SWITZERLAND  -  aluminium alloys, bronze and brass castings, green sand and self-hardening sand moulding, lost wax process, prototypes, small and medium series of levers, housings, safety devices, street signs, signaling boards, post-signs, memorial plaques, reproductions of sculptures, fountains, barriers, ornaments for furniture and clocks, garden decoration art objects, production of foundry patterns and tools from wood, aluminium or synthetic resins.

FONDERIE HAVARD, FRANCE  -  a specialist in bronze, brass, aluminium bronze and aluminium alloys, castings for pumps and valves, food industry, shipbuilding industry, street furniture, plaques, badges, monuments, decoration works.

FONDATEL-LECOMTE, BELGIUM  -  cast iron castings municipal castings - heavy duty road covers and gratings, park covers, flat and curved gratings, gratings for drainage channels, connection covers, cast iron building construction castings - light duty covers, medium duty hydraulic covers, galvanized or aluminium covers for concrete filling / for paving, floordrains, downpipes, cast iron ornamental castings - tree grates, decorative piles and various castings on customer’s demand.

FUNDICIONES LANDAURO, PERU  -  cast iron, bronze and aluminium art and ornamental castings, sculptures, statues, busts, animal figures, bells, gratings, frames, poles, lanterns, fountains, benches, chares, tables, grills.

FUNDICAO LAGE LDA., PORTUGAL  -  art foundry, bronze sculptures and monuments.

FERO-MEDIKA D.O.O., SERBIA  -  production of decorative columns, poles and lamps, garden furniture, fences, cast fountains, postal mailboxes, parking bollards, decorative waste baskets, aluminium alloys foundry, green-sand hand moulding and pattermaking, workshop for electrostatic powder coating, workshop for the production of plastic balls and lighting, workshop for making wrought fences and decorative items.

FALON NAMEPLATES LTD., UK  -  cast nameplates supplied in a variety of materials, for memorials, town trails, fingerpoles, house names or any other use where
a nameplate is required.

FERRO-ONTODE IPARI KFT., HUNGARY  -  grey and ductile cast iron castings, 5500 tons / year producing capacity, patternmaking, parts for agricultural and catering industrial machines and equipment, manhole covers and canalization units, boiler spare parts, art and ornamental castings, rail-elements, garden benches, candelabras and accessories ( does not work).

FONDERIE PACCARD, FRANCE  -  bronze bell foundry, church and carillon bells, house bells, bells for chapels, bell ringing equipment, monumental bell sculptures, art work.

FONDERIE RENAUDIN S.A.S., FRANCE  -  grey and chromium alloy cast iron castings, industrial cast parts, ornamental fireplates, lamp-posts and fountains, stands and garden benches.

FUNDICIONES SAGUER, ECUADOR  -  aluminium, bronze, copper, lead and cast iron castings, ornaments and antiques, benches and poles, decorate park items, and different types of industrial parts.

FUNPIMET, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  grey and nodular cast iron, aluminium and bronze castings in industrial pieces, ornamental products, urban and residential furniture - chairs, garden sets, garden lamp posts and benches.

FUNDIMET S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  grey cast iron, malleable cast iron and aluminium alloys castings for automotive, agricultural and shipbuilding industries, art casting, home cast appliances.

FOUNDRY TUPRON LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey iron decorative art castings.

FOUNDRY UJEVIC, CROATIA  -  art foundry, bronze castings, sculptures.

FABRICA VISAO LDA., PORTUGAL  -  cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and aluminium castings, industrial castings for the construction, plumbing, irrigation and sanitary sectors, art casting - statues, busts.

FONDERIE VINCENT S.A.S., FRANCE  -  artistic foundry - new creative work, restoration of metal monuments, statues, railings, pelmets, ornamental pieces in cast iron or in bronze, reproductions in ductile cast iron or bronze, street furniture - bus shelters, lamp posts, band stands, industrial foundry work - production either of single castings or a small or medium-sized series, green sand moulding, chemical bond sand moulds.

FUNDICION Y MAQUINADOS MODELMEX, MEXICO  -  bronze and aluminium memorial plaques, letters for advertising or institutions facades, decorative garden benches, pools and tables, posts and rails for street lights, decorative municipal manholes and grates, industrial cast parts in aluminium, bronze and grey iron.

GAVALA ART FOUNDRY, GREECE  -  small and large scale statues in bronze and aluminium, professional gifts by well known organizations in conferences, in companies anniversaries and in National holidays as Christmas, New Year Eve, Easter etc., foundry works on architectural constractions, hotel main entrances, inside staires and fireplaces in modern flats and offices, services of maintenance and repairing of monuments and statues.

GLOCKENGIESSEREI BERGER, SWITZERLAND  -  bell foundry, a wide range of bells - cowbells, horsebells, housebells, handhold bells and small souvenir bells, bronze castings for the music industry and industrial castings.

GIETERIJ BORCHERTS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  grey and nodular cast iron, stainless steel, bronze and aluminium castings for the shipbuilding industry, general mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry, waste water purification industry, art objects in both bronze and cast iron, rust fixed steel and aluminium, art casting up to 2000 kg piece weight, lost-wax method.

GEOFF COLLIER LTD., UK  -  brass, bronze, aluminium and silver castings, processes - sand casting and investment casting, the company's customers consist of interior designers, architects, antique dealers and other specifiers of bespoke products.

GOLDEN CITY LACE, AUSTRALIA  -  heritage restoration of buildings, own foundry for production of aluminium decorative lace panels, friezes, droppers and corners for the home or business.

GILLET CASTRES S.A., FRANCE  -  cast iron street lighting and street furniture, art works.

GIETERIJ DIJKKAMP B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  grey and nodular cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, wear-resistant cast steel, heat-resistant cast steel, aluminium alloys and bronze cast products for street furniture, banisters, door grilles, ornaments, interior, architecture and art items, restoration works, castings for common machine-building industry, hand and machine moulding processes.

GRIGSBY's FOUNDRY , AUSTRALIA  -  aluminium alloys, bronze, brass, monel metal and cast iron castings, chemical and green sand moulding, gravity die casting, design and manufacture of bronze memorial plaques of all sizes, aluminium gear boxes, housings, engine manifolds, mufflers, bronze bushes, marine capstans, bronze fins, cleats and log glands, valves, wheels, pipe fittings.

GEORG FISCHER JRG AG, SWITZERLAND  -  manufacturer of valves for domestic water installations, own foundry, cast parts from gunmetal (bronze), brass and aluminium for valves, handmade art castings, especially made for many different artists, a wide product range of fountain accessories and figures for ponds.

GOMEL FOUNDRY PLANT TSENTROLIT, BELARUS  -  grey and ductile iron castings, bronze and brass castings, products for oil and gas industry, electric energy, telecommunication, metallurgy, machine-building and civil building - beds, cases, carriages, tables, wheels, pulleys, rolls, counterbalances, braking drums, hydraulic booster bodies, housings, turbine bodies, bearing bodies, matrixes, under stamp plates, tubings, ingot moulds, pallets, crucibles, manhole covers and grates, rain gullies, fireplace grates, furnaces for a cottages, park benches, street lamps, fence elements, flower-bed & refuse bins, art casting.
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GZUT FOUNDRY SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  grey and nodular cast iron, bronze castings, art castings and architectonic ornamentation, figurines, medals, commemorating plates, monumental castings, sculptures, bas-reliefs, assembled of parts figures, cooperation with renowned sculptors and artists, hand and machine sand-bentonite moulding, centrifugal casting, lost-wax process.
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GERSJES GIETIJZEREN RAMEN B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  cast iron products, authentic cast iron barn door and window grilles for farmhouses, mansions and other historic buildings, cast iron trees of life, anchors, staircase arrows, mailboxes, garden vases, other decoration, restoration and renovation works.

GERAEDTS IJZERGIETERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  a jobbing foundry, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron industrial castings up to 16000 kg in weight, cast iron sculptures in tight cooperation with renown artists, hand-moulding, lost-foam process.

GIFF JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  decorative cast iron elements for public town utilities - chains, small / big columns, foots of bench, fountain parts, gratings to trees.

GABRIEL METAL CASTING, INC., USA  -  pewter casting, custom pewter awards and gifts, buildings and bridges, cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes, trains and ships, people and animals sculptures.

GIBSON PATTERNS & SOUTHERN LANTERNS, NEW ZEALAND  -  a range of reproduction Victorian gas lanterns, styled on the original gas lanterns and poles used in the last century, all in the Victorian style - pedestals for use on gate posts, pillars for use on low walls, wall lights, bollards, sun dials, letterboxes and signs, aluminium casting in traditional sand moulds, pattern making in wood, fibreglass, epoxy resin and metal.

GIETERIJEN RISKIN NV, BELGIUM  -  cast parts of aluminium, pewter, zamak and lead, pewter giftware - plates, tankards, table ware, figurines, wall clocks.

GEISTERHOLE STUDIO, USA  -  bronze foundry and sculpture studio.


GROUP WISETON, CHINA  -  cast iron, steel, and aluminium alloys castings in using different processes – die-casting, investment casting, and art casting.
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HABER & BRANDNER, GERMANY  -  restoration of historical objects and works of art consisting of gold, silver, bronze, copper, iron (both wrought and cast), pewter, zinc, and lead, monuments, portals, fountains, figures, architectural ornament, structural sculpture, grave sculptures, statues, sacral implements.

HERITAGE CASTINGS, SOUTH AFRICA  -  company specializes in Victorian castings - poles and lamp posts, bollards, Victorian lamps, corner brackets, friezes, ballustrading, gates and fences, rain water heads, spiral stairs and garden furniture.

HIDROLATS CL LTD., LATVIA  -  one of the Hidrolats Group of companies, specialized in production of art casting and castings for machine-building.

H.DOWNS & SONS LTD., UK  -  art, sculpture, architectural, ornamental castings.

HAMMERSCHMIED ERNTBRUNNER EISENGIESSEREI GmbH & CO. KG, AUSTRIA  -  grey and nodular cast iron castings, art casting, benches, coffee tables, sink basin, statues, bannisters, tree protection fences, street lights.

HARGREAVES FOUNDRY, UK  -  cast iron products, engineering, and architectural castings, decorative gates and railings and smaller projects such as reproduction columns – decorative and structural brackets with spandrels, pavement lights, urns, street furniture, bollards.

HEINRICH FONDERIE S.A.S., FRANCE  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron casting, machining and assembly, decorative street lighting, lighting columns, cross pieces, bouquets, brackets, contemporary or traditional in style, all types of urban furniture, car park bollards, tree grates, fountains, benches, railings, litter bins, accessories, a complete range of products for water supply systems, drainage, road and public works equipment, cast iron, bronze or aluminium worn cast parts reproduction and renovation, a part of VHM Heinrich Group.

HEBEI GOYI BEIYING FOUNDRY, CHINA  -  cast iron garden furniture, candle holders, flowers pots, door fences, statues, artistic and decorative accessories.
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HEGYHAT METALL KFT., HUNGARY  -  steel, cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings for spare parts, bearings, bushings, building components, art casting - memorial sculpture, busts, ornaments, bells, street and garden furniture.

HYCAST METALS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of engineered investment castings and centrifugal spun castings for the full spectrum of industries, art casting from marquette to monument.

HARTE OUTDOOR LIGHTING, IRELAND  -  production of outdoor and garden lighting in cast iron, gate castings, pole castings, street furniture, swan neck lamps, bollards, post boxes, sign poles and signs, applications with many interchangeable components.

HESSELMANS PRODUCTION B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  specialized in zamak pressure die casting, including copper, glossy and matt chrome plating and passivation, production of locks and keys, furniture hardware, household items, fireplace decorations, name plates, giveaway items, small architectural hardware, showcases, car devices, lighting items.

HAJI SIDDIQUE FOUNDRY, UAE  -  casting of machine parts in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, cast parts for marine, contracting companies, crushers, earth moving machinery suppliers, industrial units, cement plants, and process plants, art castings, emblems and decorative items for architectural use in hotels, buildings and parks.

HOT SCOTSMEN FINE ART FOUNDRY INC., USA  -  a full-service art foundry providing fine art casting, mold making through patination, metal fabrication, maintenance, restoration, and consulting services, specialized in bronze statues, public art, and monumental castings using the lost wax method.

HARMAN SCULPTURE FOUNDRY LTD., CANADA  -  bronze casting, sculptures restorations, art plaques and statues.

INTERKOMET, POLAND  -  art non-ferrous castings.

INTERNATIONAL BRONZE, USA  -  bronze, brass and aluminum plaques, cups, street cast numbers.

INVESTMENT CASTINGS QUEENSLAND PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  steel, cast iron, bronze, brass, gunmetal and aluminium alloys investment cast parts, sand cast metal parts and shell moulded sand castings for architectural, agriculture and automotive industries, art works, bronze plaques.

INPROM-PROFIL LTD., RUSSIA  -  cast products in aluminium alloys, bronze, brass and cast iron for building constructions, home furniture, artworks.

JOHNSON ATELIER, USA  -  art casting.

JACKSONS FOUNDRY, AUSTRALIA  -  cast in aluminium, gunmetal, grey cast iron, brass, manganese bronze, aluminium bronze, castings for extensive range of locks and door furniture, cast iron backs for fireplaces, damper plates, fire bars & parts, old vehicle restoration & motor bike parts, bronze sculptures, fence decorations, numbers & plaques.

JAN FELCZYNSKI BELL FOUNDRY, POLAND  -  art bell foundry, manufacturer of wide range of church bells, ship, decorative and occasional bells, constructions and belfries, bell automation systems, clocks.

J.GRASSMAYR GMBH & CO KG, AUSTRIA  -  bells manufacturer, in addition to casting new bells, the company has specialized in restoring historical bells and manufacturing of accessories and equipment for bell ringing systems.
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JAIME HERMANOS S.C.A., ARGENTINA  -  production of cast pieces in brass, aluminium and zamac, urban furniture for parks, gardens, streets and squares, art casting works, gravity die casting, pressure die-casting, green-sand moulding.

JEZERO-METAL D.O.O., CROATIA  -  aluminium, copper and zinc alloy cast parts for electrical engineering, automotive industry, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, gas taps and gas meters, parts of household appliances, decorative and art casting - statues, vases, ashtrays, handles, cast lighting columns, baroque benches and tables, garden furniture, parking columns, sand moulding, gravity die- and pressure die-casting, centrifugal casting.

JUHASZ ONTODE, HUNGARY  -  aluminium alloys and brass gravity die casting and sand moulding, cast parts for food, electrical and construction sectors, art casting - vases, statues, folk art decorative castings, religious items, ornaments.

JEAN OBERTINO ET FILS S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  art foundry, bronze bells of all kinds, medals, bas-reliefs, plaques, steel bells for animals.

JUVELYRIKOS OAZE UAB, LITHUANIA  -  manufacturer of cast silver jewelry by lost-wax technology and centrifugal casting, production of dies, tools and equipment for jewelers.

JOKELAN VALU OY, FINLAND  -  a part of Kumera Corporation, wear-resistant industrial cast iron castings, alloy cast iron church crosses and other monumental art castings.

J.R. WILLEY CO., INC., USA  -  cast bronze sculptures, garden and city decorative items.

JOBASI S.A., PORTUGAL  -  bronze and brass castings, ornamental and art items, accessories for electric installations, telecommunication lines, gas and water networks.


JOAO VIEIRA DE CAMPOS LDA., PORTUGAL  -  tin alloy and aluminium alloy cast parts, decoration items, special gifts, trophies, replicas of symbolic pieces, green-sand hand moulding and centrifugal moulding in silicon rubber moulds.

J. YOULE AND COMPANY LTD., UK  -  sand moulding, cast products in aluminium, gunmetal, phosphor bronze, high tensile brass and other non-ferrous metals, cast aluminium street furniture, brass or aluminium plaques and nameplates, industrial castings.

KUNSTBETRIEB AG, SWITZERLAND  -  art casting using sand moulding and lost wax process.

KILMAINHAM ART FOUNDRY LTD., IRELAND  -  bronze sculptures, monumental pieces, bronze Celtic crosses, maquettes, plaques and reproductions, ceramic shell lost wax process and sand moulding.

KRUSZEWSKI BROTHERS BELL FOUNDRY, POLAND  -  church bells, ship bells, occasional bells, gongs.

KUNSTGIESSEREI BISCHOFSZELL CORNEL HUTTER GmbH, SWITZERLAND  -  bronze, brass and aluminium art foundry, lost wax technique, green-sand moulding, reliefs, memorial plaques, sculptures, fountain figures.

KUNSTGIESSEREI BRUNDLER GmbH, SWITZERLAND  -  bronze art foundry, sculpture works.

KUNSTGIESSEREI BILDGUSS GEBRUEDER IHLE, GERMANY  -  art bronze castings up to 100 kg.

KOSICKI-DBA, POLAND  -  decorative bronze articles, special and art castings from bronze, new silver and silver, castings for figures, fountains, art haberdashery, building and furniture fittings, monuments, busts, plaques, prototypes.

KLOKKEN- EN KUNSTGIETERIJ REIDERLAND, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bells, tower clocks, carillons, art casting services.

KHARTSYZSK ENGINEERING PLANT, UKRAINE  -  fire-fighting equipment, decorative park and street pillars, lighting equipment and ornamental fences, aluminium alloys foundry: chill-permanent mould casting, pressure die-casting, green-sand moulding, cast iron and steel castings foundry: green-sand and lost-foam moulding.

KIELECKA FABRYKA POMP BIALOGON S.A., POLAND  -  cast iron decorative lamps and ornaments.

KUNSTGIESSEREI GEBRUDER-JAGER, SWITZERLAND  -  art casting, sculptures, sand mould casting, lost wax casting.

KAUNO KETAUS LIEJYKLA AB, LITHUANIA  -  grey and ductile iron castings weighing from 0.3 kg up to 10 000 kg - cast parts for industrial machinery, manhole covers and frames, decorative castings, fireplace capsules, stairs with handrails, lanterns, benches, stand-halls, monuments, sculptures and basreliefs.
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KOREA METAL TECHNICAL ARTS CO., KOREA, SOUTH  -  bronze industrial and art castings.

KUNSTGIESSEREI PLEIN GmbH, GERMANY  -  art casting, figurines, plaques, reliefs, letters, name plates, religious and decorative items.

KALKOLITIK SCULPTURE ET METALLURGIE, FRANCE  -  art foundry, bronze sculptures, lost wax casting.

KUNSTGIESSEREI ST.GALLEN AG, SWITZERLAND  -  bronze art foundry, a production facility for the realization of works of art, sculptural projects, sculptures restoration, lost wax process.

KELLOVALIMO SOMPPI KY, FINLAND  -  bronze bell foundry, a completely hand-made bells in sand moulds, a variety of personalized business presents and prizes, wedding, engagement and birthday presents, door and dinner bells, mortars, horse harness and sleigh bells, text and nameplates, grave memorials, reliefs and bronze sculptures.

KUNSTGIESSEREI WALTER ROM, AUSTRIA  -  large sculptures, small sculptures, fontains, lost-wax process.

LIETIS, LITHUANIA  -  art metal studio and foundry, cast silver, bronze and brass authentic Baltic and Celtic accessories, bracelets, earrings, hairpins, pendants, brooches, rings, belts, sculptures and other creative work.

LEITELT BROTHERS, INC., USA  -  sand castings in brass, bronze and aluminum, industrial castings, ornamental architechtural castings.

LIVARSTVO BRATES MARKO s.p., SLOVENIA  -  aluminium, brass and bronze castings in small series or prototypes, ornamental garden furniture, cast products for home decoration, small bells, gifts and other decorative items, sand moulding.

LUIS BELLINI Y CIA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  bronze bell foundry.

LIGRAP D.O.O., SERBIA  -  art bells manufactured in various sizes, weighing from 1 kg up to 2000 kg for monastery, churches, cathedrals, temples, cast articles for religious buildings - lights, candle holders, non-ferrous garden fences and gates, cast components for industrial use.

LIMBO d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  non-ferrous foundry for aluminium and brass castings - post-boxes, garden sinks, benches and tables, belt-pulleys, crosses, art casting, size of casts is 1500 x 1000 mm and weight up to 200 kg, hand moulding into sand and gravity die-casting.

LIVARTIS d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  bronze art casting, lost-wax technology.

LUIS EDUARDO CASTILLO FUNDICION, COLOMBIA  -  art foundry, bronze monuments, sculptures, restoration and maintenance of bronze sculptures, lost wax ceramic shell technique.

LIBAN FONDERIES, LEBANON  -  grey and ductile cast iron, steel, zinc alloys, copper alloys and aluminium alloys castings, cast parts for mechanical and general engineering works, automobiles and engines, pumps and accessories, impact and wear resistant parts for quarrying and cement industries, castings for roads - access manhole covers and frames, watertight manhole covers and frames, tree and gully gratings, outdoor decorative articles - art castings, statues, wares, garden furnitures, seats and tables, balustrades, decorative lighting - lanterns and candelabres.

LUNENBURG FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING LTD., CANADA  -  a full line of marine equipment and a wide range of services to the marine industry, castings in grey iron, zinc, bronze and aluminium alloys for machinery, shipbuilding and marine, mill and heating equipment, and an assortment of decorative castings.

LES FONTES D'ART DE DOMMARTIN S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  art foundry, garden furniture, fountains, benches, vases, statues, lighting furniture, fireplace tool sets, fireplace furniture, ovens, fire screens, heating equipment.

LIVARSTVO JANEZ KAVAR s.p., SLOVENIA  -  castings in non-ferrous alloys, ornamental and decorative items, rosettes, door knockers, handles, brackets.

LAUCHHAMMER KUNSTGUSS GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  bell foundry, bronze art castings.

LIVNICA METALURG D.O.O., SERBIA  -  processing and sales company, bronze, brass, aluminium alloys castings for engineering industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, pneumatic and hydraulic engineering industry, green-sand moulding, gravity die casting, centrifugal casting, art casting - sculptures, church bells.

LIEPAJAS METALURGS JSC, LATVIA  -  metallurgical company and foundry, cast iron castings, bells of bronze and steel.

LIVARSTVO MOSTAR JAKOB s.p., SLOVENIA  -  copper, bronze, brass and aluminium castings, bells up to 120 kg, plaques and reliefs, small artwork, awards and sculptures, name-plates, handles for doors with signs and logos, art accessories, industrial cast parts.

LEWIS NON FERROUS CASTING PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of phosphorous bronze and aluminium castings, bushes, flat rectangles, components and replacement parts for maintaining equipment, art casting - statues and trophies.

LIS ODLEW, POLAND  -  art non-ferrous castings.

LJEVAONICA OBOJENIH METALA KUNDIJA, CROATIA  -  non-ferrous foundry, production of boat fittings, ship propellers, cast parts for marine engines and mechanical engineering, art castings, sculptures, plaques, fencing columns, street lamps and benches.

LORIA SEDEL S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  gold, silver, brass, bronze lost wax castings, fashion jewelry, sculpture, wildlife art, gifts, restoration of art objects.

LIGHT SCULPTURE WORKS, USA  -  bronze and stainless steel casting.

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